Spalted Beech Green Blue RIver Table Stainless Steel-Legs

This beautiful river table is made from a slab of timber taken from an ancient beech tree that came down in a storm in Cork in 2017. It took nearly 2 years to get the timber ready to make this table, allowing it to dry and splat naturally. We used a beautifully coloured resin that looks like a river winding through a landscape with a wider section at one end that looks like a delta. this table top ius full of story and would make a very attractive center point in any room. The stainless steel legs have a beech insert to protect the floor and are well in from the table edge to make it a very comfortable sit.

Was €4500 -  Now €3795

This table is made from solid Irish spalted beech. All our beech timber is sourced from storm damage or natural felling. Resin has being used to fill in any natural gaps in the timber but this can be a variety of colours to match your room design.

2100mm x 1100mm
These tables can be custom made to a gerat variety of sizes.

Other Size Options

This table comfortably seats up to 10 people.

Chair Options.

This table is a natural matte lacquer finish.

All our tables are heat and food stain resistant. A hot cup or plate won't burn the top of the table, up to 110c.


Live Edge
The edge of this table is a live edge with a gentle sanding to take off any sharp edges.

This table has stainless steel legs set in from the edge. A chair can be positioned anywhere around this table.

Other Leg Options.

All our tables have a lifetime structural guarantee.


These chairs are made in Europe using the best of materials and manufactured by highly skilled craftspeople.

You can of course pair any chair with any table.

We have a huge selection of chairs available.  To see other options check out our dedicated chairs page.