Table Sizes and Seating Options

This is a selection of tables sizes and their seating options.

We offer a bespoke service and can make a table any size, shape of colour you require.

It can be a daunting prospect deciding what size table fits into your availabe space. We have being making tables for twenty five years so have a wealth of expierence. Give us a call and we can recomend the best size for your space.

Rectangular Tables

Rectangular Fixed Top Table 

Rectangular tables range in size from 750mm to 3600mm long. Widths range from 750mm to 1300mm.
An extra wide table can allow you to sit two people on either end of the table. Handy for fitting that extra guest in or when the children suddenly arrive. If you want to extend a rectangular table one leaf adds from 300mm to 450mm and a two leaves adds from 600mm to 900mm to the over all length of the table.

Rectangular Extending Tables

Round Tables

Round Extending Tables

Oval Tables

Oval Extending Tables

Curved Tables

Curved Extending tables