Box Pricing


Prices above are for 300mm and 200mm deep boxes.

400mm deep boxes cost 30 extra each. Wall brackets cost 20 per box.

Glass or Timber Doors cost 80 each. Drawers cost 120 each.

Boxes 500mm wide and wider require 2 doors.

Our boxes are made from SOLID TIMBERSAll our timber is sourced in America, Europe and Ireland and from only renewable forests.

Other timbers and colours avialble.

Sizes range from:
250mm x 250mm to
750mm x 375mm

200mm, 300mm, 400mm deep.

Other sizes avaialble.


Doors can be glass or solid timber.

Doors are fitted in our workshop.

We can bespoke the doors for you.


Box on a box logo

We call this product BOX ON A BOX and is your dream storage solution.

Box On A Box is the world’s most amazing modular furniture system. You can stack or stagger them. They unstack easily and can be re-stacked as many times as you like. Box On A Box lock securely together with a unique and versatile steel pin system.

No tools needed.

Available in, Solid Walnut, Oak, Natural Coloured, and Stained Timber

No matter how much space you have Box On A Box can fill it with a beautiful piece of furniture. You can create your own design to satisfy your own specific needs.

Its child’s play building them.

Box On A Box are handmade with only solid timber by master craftsmen in Kilkenny, Ireland. Also available with glass, timber doors and drawers.

Boxes are wall mountable. You can create amazing shelving in any room.

Box On A Box can come with a concealed fitting which allows you to hang them on a wall. Create beautiful shelving in any room.

Box On A Box come in 9 colours.

Available in various different sizes that neatly lock together no matter which size or shape you choose.

Its just amazing what you can do with only a few boxes and as time goes on you can add to your collection.

Box By Box, Box On A Box

At Fineline Furniture we design all our furniture in our workshop in Kilkenny.

We can adapt any piece of furniture to fit into the space you have.
We can also come up with a unique design to specifically satisfy your style requirements.

We use the best of materials and our timber comes from renewable forest and storm damage.

We take inspiration from the gentle curves of the grain within the natural timber, matching the colours and textures of the wood to create individual and unique pieces of furniture.
Using traditional methods of cabinet making all our drawers are dovetailed together to create a piece of furniture to last a lifetime.

We can make boxes in a variety of other timbers and colours.

Available in, Solid Walnut, Oak, Natural Coloured, and Stained Timber