Oak Round Knotty Oak Single Pedestal Table

Oak Round Knotty Oak Single Pedestal Table
This is a beautiful solid oak round table which easily seats 8 people. the table is made in our Kilkenny workshop. The arc pedestal legs allow a chair to be positioned anywhere around this table without obstruction. This is a great sociable table.

 €2467  Made to order

This table is made from Solid Oak. All our oak timber is sourced in America, Europe and Ireland and from only renewable forests.

1500mm x 30mm

This table comfortably seats 8 people.

This table is a natural matte lacquer which allows the natural colour of the timber shine through.
All our tables are heat resistant up to 110 degrees and food stain resistant. A hot cup or plate won't burn the top of the table. To maintain this table all is required is the wipe of a damp cloth.

Square EdgeThis elegant edge is a simple square design with a slight softening of the edge.

This table has a single pedestal made from solid oak.

Other Leg Options

All our tables have a lifetime structural guarantee.


These chairs are made in Europe using the best of materials and manufactured by highly skilled craftspeople.

You can of course pair any chair with any table.

We have a huge selection of chairs available.  To see other options check out our dedicated chairs page.