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Spalted Beech Rectangular Drawleaf 4 Leg Table

Real Leather Seat

Irish Spalted Beech
6 to 10 Seater Table

Lifetime Structural Guarantee

Real Leather Seat

Irish Spalted Beech
Standard Edge

Irish Splated Beech Legs

Real Leather Seat

Irish Spalted Beech

Seats 6

Irish Spalted Beech

Seats 10

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This stunning table is not only beautiful to look at it is also a practical piece of furniture. Ideal for large gatherings seating up to 14 people when open. A real wow table. The base of this table is inspired by ancient Irish monuments.

This table is made from solid Irish Spalted Beech. All our this timber is sourced in Ireland and is a result of felling or storm damage.

1500 mm long
Extends to 2400 mm
900 mm wide
30 mm deep

This table comfortably seats 6 to 14  people.

It is featured here with a Oak Milano Chairs with real Italian leather seats.

Of course you can selct from our extensive range of high quality chairs.

This table is a natural matte lacquer finish which allows the natural colour of the timber shine through.
All our tables are heat resistant up to 110 degrees and food stain resistant. A hot cup or plate won't burn the top of the table. To maintain this table all is required is the wipe of a damp cloth.

Standard Edge

This table has 4 solid Spalted Beech legs.

All our tables have a lifetime structural guarantee.


We can make this table to suit your needs and can change the size, shape, timber, texture, colour, edge and leg style.  

Click on image link below to see the options available to you.

 Bespoke Options for Rectangular Extending  tables.
We can make this table in a variety of sizes. You can also change the shape, the timber, the colour, the legs, the surface texture and other options.

We make the table you need that is priced directly from our workshop in Kilkenny.

Rectangular tables are great tables for family gatherings. The extension quickly adds extra seating with little effort.

Your table can be made from a wide variety of timbers.

When made from solid oak this table can be finished in a large selection  colours  to match your existing kitchen or dining space.
This is only a small selection of the colour options available. Please click HERE or call us to discuss your requirements on 056 7712830.

Table Surfaces, Colours and Finishes

All Our Chairs

These chairs are made in Europe using the best of materials and manufactured by highly skilled craftspeople.

You can of course pair any chair with any table.

We have a huge selection of chairs available.  To see other options check out our dedicated chairs page.