Box on a Box, Solid Oak 9 box setups

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9 Solid Oak Boxes, 140 Setups, 1 Price, The ideal alcove filler. these boxes can be setup to be from 875mm to 1250mm and can be stacked from 1500 to 2000. the most versatile furniture you can imagine.

Your dream storage solution. You can stack or stagger them or even get wall mounting brackets (extra).

They unstack easily and can be re-stacked as many times as you like. Also available with timber or glass doors and drawers.(extra)

Box On A Box lock securely together with a unique and versatile steel pin system. No tools needed.

Handcrafted by us In Ireland. Made from solid oak, walnut, radiata and colour finishes with incredibly strong dovetailed joints in every corner.

SHIPPING TO IRELAND ONLY- Contact us for rate for overseas shipping.

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