Pine Open Rack Narrow Dresser

Pine Open Rack Narrow Dresser
This beautiful pine dresser is inspied by the traditional irish hdresser, The open shelving system provided space to display plated, cups photos or any other item for practical use or filled with memories.

This dresser is made from SOLID PINE. All our timber is sourced in America, Europe and Ireland and from only renewable forests.

970 mm long
2000 mm high
470 mm deep

Also available in other sizes.


2 Solid Timber Doors
2 Drawers

At Fineline Furniture we design all our furniture in our craft workshop in Kilkenny.

We can adapt any piece of furnitureto fit into the space you have.
We can also ome up with a unique design to sepcificually satisfy your style requirements.

We take inspiration from the gentle curves of the grain within the natural timber, matching the colours and textures of the wood to create individual and unique pieces of furniture.
Using traditional methods of cabinet making all our drawers are dovetailed together to create a piece of furniture to last a lifetime.

We can make this piece of furniture in a variety of other timbers and colours.